Low Income Home Energy Assistance in Oregon

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a federal grant program given to states in order to assist low income individuals and families with their utility bills.

LIHEAP application procedures depend on each state, but generally states allow you to apply by mail, internet, or in person.

Weatherization Assistance Program in Oregon

WAP is a state-run federally funded program for low-income residents. The program helps individuals and families pay for improvements to their home or rental unit to improve energy efficiency and lower their utility bills.

Click here to visit Oregon's Energy Assistance Program website to find out whether or not you may apply online. If you would like to speak to a person, please call 1-800-453-5511 8-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Energy Assistance Eligibility

Only a trained specialist can properly determine your program eligibility, though being at or below the national poverty level may be a good indication of assistance eligibility. Please contact your state office to find out whether or not you qualify.

LIHEAP & WAP Department
Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services

Application Information by Phone

Application Information Online
Click Here for the Oregon LIHEAP Website

Applicants may also go to Oregon Energy Assistance Agencies to apply.

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